Visualiser / Game Designer

Location: Mumbai
Open Positions : 3

We are looking for a game designer with a passion for all genres of games, a knack for coding and storytelling, and an understanding of the industry, market, and target audiences. Their responsibilities also include developing design and gaming protocols, defining game-play mechanics, coordinating with other game designers, ensuring quality, and meeting with company executives.

Game Designer Responsibilities:

  • Creating innovative games for education purposes.

  • Conceptualizing and developing characters, rules, settings, and stories for new games as per guidelines given.

  • Pitching new game ideas.

  • Following industry trends and good practices.

  • Doing quality control.

  • Good understanding game engines limitations

  • Experience in game design

  • Good communication and collaboration skills

  • Developing design and gaming protocols.

  • Managing multiple projects

Game Designer Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in game design, computer science or computer engineering.

  • Enthusiasm and knowledge of the industry.

  • Relevant certification in programming languages.

  • Portfolio of sample projects.

  • Any programming language certification, required

  • 3-5 years of experience in a similar role

  • Must be highly creative and storytelling ability

  • Passion for video games

  • Knowledge of gaming trends

  • Excellent programming skills

  • Ability to work on a team

  • Previous experience developing sports game for a wide range of gamers