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About Navneet FutureTech

Navneet FutureTech Limited (NFL), a subsidiary of Navneet Education Limited, is in the business of providing tech-based products, and services to students belonging to the K12 segment. 

NFL offers a wide range of products & services to schools (B2B) and kids made available directly at home (D2C) under various brands such as, TopSchool, TopClass, Leapbridge app+home learning kits and VEMS Tutoring Platform.  

In its shining vision to spread education in avant-garde modes everywhere in the country, NFL also aims to extend its technology driven blended products initiative to the rural India as well.

NFL is managed by a young team of passionate professionals who have 

spent extensive years in the tech world. Their drive and spirited attitudes are now committed to taking NFL and its initiatives to greater heights! 

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About Leapbridge

In 2009, Navneet Education Limited (NEL) conceived the Leapbridge International Pre-School with the vision to disseminate knowledge and create the foundation for strong pre-primary education. However, we soon realised the power of going digital and Leapbridge was born! Leapbridge has now emerged as an early year digital learning solution aimed at harnessing the power of technology and creativity to learn, absorb and grow among our pre-schoolers. 


At NEL, our purpose has always been to impart knowledge and inspire students. We strive to deliver sound educational content that engages, entertains, and helps develop skills essential to our children’s development. At Leapbridge, content is curated with careful consideration, in tandem with the findings of the latest scientific research in early year child development. 


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