Our vision is to set benchmark in imparting education

We’re never satisfied by simply being the best; we’d rather keep getting better. Every day we live our vision by constantly striving to improve our curriculum, our facilities and in turn your child’s future. We hope to imbibe in your child a love of learning from an early age so that their future is assured to be bright and rewarding.

What drives us?

The missions we’ve set out to achieve

To keep alive the noble art of imparting education.

To inspire our students to keep learning for life.

To keep researching and developing new ways of pedagogy.

To keep motivating teachers to bring out the best in every pupil and help our society and hence the country to grow and prosper.

What we hope to achieve?

Our goal at Leapbridge is to provide age appropriate knowledge in an environment that is nurturing and fun. We try and enhance your child’s emotional, physical and academic skills whilst simultaneously creating a positive attitude towards learning. The most important goal to us is to ensure that your child is provided with all the tools and ample opportunities to succeed in life.