It’s not just the children who love Leapbridge. Here’s what some parents have to say

Mr. Prakash & Mrs. Preeti Borkar

Parents of Rajas Borkar - PN @ Aundh Centre

Hello Leapbridge Management, Teachers, Support Staff,
Hope you all are doing well and had a satisfying experience for yourself of the annual day event.
I have seen performances, plays in my daughter's school and her nursery school and have a baseline to compare performances.
Believe me i found Leapbridge kids to be more confident on stage and could perform with almost zero assistance on stage.
This fact itself is a certificate of good job done! This itself speaks the amount of effort everyone behind the scene had put to give out the best in kids.
In fact i was surprised to see how they could have executed without much hand holding...purely magical! :)
We sincerely thank you all for working so hard to make the best for that day!
The passes, the seating arrangements, the disbursal of dresses, rehearsals and the final event - everything was so well executed!
Special appreciation to the teachers who trained these kids, I am sure it is not easy to train kids to perform at this small age.
Thank you for entertaining us, there were times you made us cry - in joy but the experience of attending your annual event was fulfilling.
So a big THANK YOU!!!
Keep it up! Way to Go!! Leapbridge!!
Prakash and Preeti Borkar
Parents of Rajas Borkar - PG 2016-17
(Pre-Nursery class at AUNDH)

Mrs. Prerna Lodaya

Vidhi Lodaya & Vidhan Lodaya's @ Sion Centre

Dear Center In-charge,
This is in context to my kids Vidhi Lodaya & Vidhan Lodaya's admission in Nursery.
I am elated as well as sad to inform you that my kids have got admission in MET Rishikul in Nursery from this Academic Year. We had to take this tough call knowing that next year the process is going to be all the more difficult as they being twins.

I would once again like to thank each one of you including teachers, support staff as well as management in giving a strong foundation to my kids and help them become smart learners. I am sure with such strong start, they will excel in their lives as well as careers. All thanks to you and your capable team. We would not have left the school had it been high school or even planning to be one. As my husband still says that LEAPBRIDGE has been a fantastic school for our school and he feels sad for them to leave this school.
Prerna Lodaya

Mrs. Rajaseelan

Aarav Rajaseelan’s Parent - PN 1@ Sion Centre

Dear teachers and Leapbridge Team,
We would like to thank you for celebrating Aarav's birthday in school. (Prenursery G1)
Aarav enjoyed his day at school and was very happy. He kept talking about how all his friends sang happy birthday song for him
Thank you very much.
With best regards,
Aarav'a parents

Mr. Narayan Bung

Hridaan Bung's Father - PN @ Baner Branch

To Centre In Charge

Thanks a ton for all your guidance and support endeavored while Hridaan's admission at your Institute. I can say that Hridaan is fortunate to have such a good team of mentors to teach him.

Heartiest Congratulations on such a great achievement. No wonder which center of Leapbridge is recognized but as parents of Hridaan Bung - PN - Baner Branch we are very happy the way our kid is being taught and making him learn things. The efforts the team has been putting on the up-bringing of kids is really appreciable and we are fortunate enough to be associated with such a simple / sober and jolly organisation.

- Mr. Narayan Bung

Mrs. Khayati Desai

Kiara Desai’s mother - Nursery @ Aundh Centre

Warm greetings.

This was due from my end and got delayed due to the festive period.
But believe me, I so wanted to share this the very next day of the event.
Initially I thought, I may not be able to do justice to the feedback as I wasn’t personally present at the event; but the expression and narration from the grandparents have made it relatively easy.
First of all, the grandparents were excited about the opportunity to visit the school with the child. And once they were there, it was an exciting and emotional experience.

The skit/role play that the teachers performed was a super hit and the efforts put by them were so evident in the way the grandparents narrated to me. The grandparents travelled to a different era and re-lived their young age as the old melodies flowed in the game of antakshari. They truly enjoyed it; an interesting idea to include it in the event. The grandparents could not stop praising the teachers’ efforts and enthusiasm and said it was almost contagious J

Then there were heart touching and special moments; especially where Anita mam made a special mention about Kiara’s grandfather and spoke about the association that started way back in 2013. My heartfelt thanks to Anita mam and Leapbridge for acknowledging the association and having built an emotional bond through all these years. It is a very rare attribute these days where schools have a commercial outlook.

Leapbridge has always given me one more reason to be proud of my decision of choosing this place for my child(ren). Kudos to the team and thanks a ton for adding such a sweet and enriching episode in all the grandparents’ lives.
Best wishes to Leapbridge for all the future endeavors.
Warm regards,
(Mother of Kiara – Nursery)