Age appropriate programs that grow with your child

Our programs are designed keeping in mind your child’s age and ability to absorb information. We make sure to provide your child with every opportunity to challenge themselves academically while also paying equal attention to keeping them fit and active. Our activities are not only confined to the classroom but also include outdoor activities to make learning fun.

What do children learn at Leapbridge?

An overview of all the things your child will learn at school.


Learning how to write, and speak through fun activities.

Cognitive & math skills

Learning numbers and using them to solve mathematical problems.

Creative art

Creating art through painting, craft and other activities.

Music & movement

Developing rhythms, learning how to use instruments and using movement for self-expression.

Motor skills

Using hand-eye coordination to perform activities that require fine motor skills, gross motor skills, analytical and reasoning skills as well as number and math skills.

Social science

Attaining life skills, developing a positive self image and appreciating cultural diversity.

Science & nature studies

Understanding how nature works, getting familiar with plant and animal life.