Program overview

School hours per day – 4 hours (Age 3-4 years)

This program is for children between 3 years to 4 years old. Once children graduate from Pre-Nursery, we move on to a more advanced curriculum that escalates the possibilities of learning in your child. The program focuses on better reading skills, a richer vocabulary and stronger skills in basic math. This ensures that your child is ready to venture into a new world of learning that is rich with possibilities.

What does your child learn in Nursery?


  • Listening to stories
  • Recognizing the relationship between written and spoken words
  • Developing a vocabulary of 1000 words
  • Identifying action words
  • Retelling stories orally
  • Understanding writing as a means of communication
  • Matching words to pictures and sounds
  • Reading CVC words
  • Recalling songs and poems
  • Learning about oneself (name, age etc.)
Cognitive skills and math
Cognitive skills and math


  • Identifying colors, shapes, sizes and weight
  • Developing classification skills
  • Completing logical patterns (2 attributes)
  • Sequencing by size (3 items)
  • Matching one-to-one and providing reasoning
  • Understanding the basic elements of time
  • Completing simple patterns
  • Recognizing and matching numbers (1 to 10)
Creative art
Creative art

  • Freely choosing materials
  • Using art for self-expression
  • Using art processes to convey ideas
Music and movement
Music and movement


  • Developing body awareness
  • Developing rhythm and tempo
  • Coordinating movements with words
  • Controlling vigorous body movement
Motor skills
Motor skills

  • Mastering appropriate gross motor skills
  • Developing hand-eye coordination
  • Improving speech and finger movement
Social science
Social science


  • Helping peers who are in need, angry or upset
  • Accepting compromise to resolve conflicts when instructed
  • Developing strategies to express ideas
  • Showing progress in expressing feelings
  • Labeling one’s own and others feelings based on facial expression and tone of voice
Science and nature studies
Science and nature studies

  • Exploring cause and effect
  • Understanding the concept of air
  • Understanding the concept of self, family and neighborhood
  • Classifying fruits and vegetables in different categories
  • Understanding the world of animals and vehicles
  • Identifying the time of day