The answer to all your questions

Making a decision on how or why to pick a pre-school for your child can be difficult. Fortunately we’ve put together a few questions along with the answers that will help you make a well informed decision.

Why is it necessary to send a child to a pre-school?

There are several reasons why a child should attend pre-school. First and foremost is brain development, majority of which occurs during a child’s early years. This is also a phase in a child’s life where they can only learn with the support of adults. Besides this pre-school helps in the social and emotional development of the child, helping the child to explore more, be social and above all, learn and prepare for school life. Last but not least is the busy schedule of families and working parents who may find it difficult to focus 100% on enabling a child’s academic development and enrolling your child in a pre-school is thus the perfect solution.

What sets apart Leapbridge Early Childhood Learning Centre from other pre-schools?

The most important feature of Leapbridge is that it is a company owned and operated pre-school backed by Navneet Education, an organization that’s been in the education industry for more than 50 years. Furthermore our curriculum is well planned by educators who’ve specialized in understanding how children learn. Every program in our curriculum is designed keeping in mind the age of your child and their capacity to absorb things. Both these factors keep us leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.

What qualifications do your teachers possess and how do you update the skills of your teachers?

Our primary criterion is to make sure that our teachers are ECCE (Early Child and Care Education) qualified. Only well qualified teachers are appointed to match up to the level of the curriculum and are trained accordingly. Regular updating of knowledge and training is conducted for teachers to enhance their skills. Last but not the least, our teachers are loving, caring and provide your child with all the care and attention they require and deserve.

Will my child be happy to go to pre-school?

Your child’s happiness is of utmost importance to us. We take every measure possible to provide your children with an environment that is safe, healthy and enjoyable. We look into the overall development of the child and ensure he/she will feel at home at school.

Is 3-4 hours of school at this age beneficial to my child?

The following points need to be taken into consideration to understand how extended hours can be beneficial:

  • As pre-schoolers are constantly developing and are at an age where they are at maximum capacity to absorb information, giving them extended hours of learning is without doubt beneficial.
  • Also taking into account the situation where one or both the parents are employed there is a demand of more hours of school as children get the opportunity to spend time with their own peers and children in the same age group.
  • Research indicates that social and emotional development at an early age helps brain development, hence longer hours of school are beneficial.
  • With extended hours parents needn’t enroll their child for multiple classes as this provides a one stop solution.
  • With 3 hours of school time for Pre-Nursery and 4 hours of school time for Nursery, K1 and K2 we are able to get your child involved in more activities to develop the large gross motor and fine motor skills, music and movement etc.

What is the admission procedure?

The admissions are generally announced in the month of December.
All you need to do is follow this simple 3 step procedure for enrolling your child in Leapbridge Early Childhood Learning Centre:

  1. Make an enquiry online or by visiting the school.
  2. Buy the admission form available at all the schools.
  3. Fill the admission form and submit it at the concerned school. At the time of submission, please carry the fees (mentioned at the time of enquiry) and documents listed below:
    • a) Birth certificate of the child
    • b) Four passport size colour photographs of the child (Colour, Size 25 mm x 35 mm)
    • c) Address proof (Passport Copy/Electricity Bill Copy/Ration Card Copy/Rental Copy)
    • d) Pan card copy of either of the parents
    • e) Progress/Report card (If any school attended earlier)
    • f) Transfer/School leaving certificate copy (If any school attended earlier)

Please note that buying an admission form doesn’t guarantee your child’s admission. The admissions are filled on a first come first serve basis.

Is Leapbridge at par with international schools?

Over the years, intense research has been carried out on the ways of imparting education to children. Several educationists, on the basis of their studies and experiences have suggested the most ideal system of disseminating knowledge and we at Leapbridge, have studied and analyzed the work of some of the noteworthy educationists from across the world, reviewed them, tested their impact and have carefully extracted the best learnings from it that complement our culture, society and behavior.

We are not affiliated to any International brand but we do follow the latest and most evolved pedagogies, which are well researched and are adapted all over world. That’s what truly makes us International.